All records of ‘despotism’ have been broken: Mirwaiz in Jamia

Muhammad Raafi


Photo by Bilal Bhadur
Photo by Bilal Bhadur

Castigating the state and union governments, for keeping a siege around the Jamia Masjid for over four months Mirwaiz Umar Farooq termed it a travesty of religious rights.

Addressing a mammoth gathering, the head priest said, “I am meeting u after five months. During this time all the past records of tyranny, oppression, totalitarianism and despotism have been broken.”

Mirwaiz said that all the religious, political and social rights of Kashmiri people have been curtailed and even right to life has been trampled upon.

“During the past five months, Indian rulers and their stooges wreaked havoc in the east, west, north, south and central parts of Kashmir valley.”

Photo by Bilal Bhadur

Mirwaiz said that Jamia Masjid was locked down and there was a ban on prayers here. “Even today Shehr-e-Khaas has been sieged so that people are not allowed to come to Jamia Masjid.

Lashing out at the state government, Mirwaiz said, “They know that the pulpit of Jamia Masjid has always represented the emotions and feelings of the people. And to weaken the will of the people, the successive stooges of the government have always cracked down on Jamia Masjid. This is being done to suppress the voices of Aazadi.”

However, Mirwaiz said, “Allah has his plans. Despite threats and arrests the pulpit of Jamia has always represented the emotions of the people and will continue to do so.”

Photo by Bilal Bhadur
Photo by Bilal Bhadur

Mirwaiz while taking the government head on said, “We tell them, take us to jails, arrest us, suppress us, but our will and determination to seek Aazadi is not going to break.”

Hailing people of the Valley for showing absolute commitment and resolve, Mirwaiz said that the sacrifices of the people have renewed the “struggle for Aazadi”.

He asked people not to lose hope and that the joint resistance leadership will come up with concrete programs. “The coming programs will not be temporary but long term programs to inculcate the culture of resistance among the people and to sustain the resistance movement.”

Photo by Bilal Bhadur
Photo by Bilal Bhadur

He reiterated that the resistance movement will continue till we will not achieve the goal of ‘Aazadi’. “I promise to the martyrs of this uprising, the past uprisings, 90’s and 31’s that the movement of resistance will reach to its logical conclusion. That is only Aazadi.”

Mirwaiz said during the past five months we witnessed the Indian democracy and its faces. “We witnessed tyranny and oppression,” he said and added, “This is a blot on Indian democracy.”

Mirwaiz said that nobody from the Indian civil society during the past five months raised a voice against the oppression in Kashmir.

“They claim to be the followers of peace and Gandhi. But it is saddening not to see them talking about the brutalities in Kashmir, Mirwaiz said, “This proves that they are equally part of the brutalities and mayhem in Kashmir.”

Photo by Bilal Bhadur
Photo by Bilal Bhadur

“We want to tell India that our resolve will not break. The present uprising has strengthened our resolve and we are ready to give sacrifices till we achieve our goal,” he said, “We won’t back off.”

Mirwaiz on the occasion expressed solidarity with thousands of youth who are languishing in different jails across the valley.

He said, “We are with them and they should not feel alone. The whole nation stands with them.”

He said this should serve as a clear message to India, Pakistan and the whole world that a nation that is willing to sacrifice immensely cannot be intimidated. “We have to stay united and make the programs of the resistance leadership a success,” he said, “We will continue the Karvan-e-Aazadi.”

Mirwaiz said, “We know we are fighting an opponent that has used all its measures including oppression, suppression, black laws like PSA’s, money, armies, police etc. But despite that people are ready to sacrifice.”

This tells us about the resolve of the nation and the commitment of the Kashmiri people.

After the Friday congregational prayers Mirwaiz led a huge rally to Mirwaiz Manzil Rajouri Kadal.


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