Alternatives Can Be Accepted As Situation Has Materially Changed; Says Hurriyat M’s Prof Bhat

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While terming the elections as non-issue, Hurriyat Conference (M) executive member and chairman of Muslim Conference Prof Abdul Gani Bhat Sunday said that his party was ready to hold result oriented dialogue on Kashmir.

“India and Pakistan are parties to the Kashmir issue while Kashmiri have status of ownership. Any alternative with the passage of time pertaining to resolution of Kashmir issue can be brought under active consideration,” Bhat said while addressing party workers meet here.

The MC Chairman said with changing global scenario ‘alternatives can be accepted.’ But at the same time, he said, there will be no compromise on Kashmir issue. “The situation has materially changed. I see resolution of Kashmir issue in changes taking place across the globe. We don’t oppose alternatives. Politics is seeking possibilities. Those who say talks had been proved unproductive in past should come with an agenda what according to them is a way out other than talks. If not talks where should we go?” he asked.

“Either come with an agenda or don’t talk in vacuum. We will never compromise on Kashmir-issue but strategy can change with time.” Prof Bhat vowed.
He claimed that MC has some roadmaps under active consideration and at an appropriate time those would be made public.

The Hurriyat (M) executive member suggested to leadership of India, Pakistan and Kashmiris to initiate a dialogue process and said that both countries have to demonstrate large heartedness to resolve the long pending dispute.

He termed the elections as non-issue and said forming of government here is alternative to resolution of Kashmir issue. “Muslim Conference believes that elections are non issue. Forming government is no alternative to Kashmir resolution. It doesn’t affect Kashmir issue. Muslim Conference will not support elections directly or indirectly till issue is resolved,” he said.

“Kashmir is a big issue with involvement of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and America. If nuclear armed India and Pakistan can’t solve the Kashmir in dispute anything can happen,” he warned.

Prof Bhat said that after resolution of Kashmir issue his party men are at liberty to
contest elections. “But I shall never think in terms of elections. We are in politics but not for power. We are in politics to serve the peoples aspirations,” he claimed.


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