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Denouncing the Jamia Masjid operation of 1989 and desecration of other religious places, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Sunday warned the government to stop such activities in future or else feel the wrath of public.

Commenting about the music concert being organized by the German Embassy in Kashmir, he said that crores of rupees will be spent on boarding and lodging of the artists who are being flown in chartered planes and on TV and media rights of the event. “Instead of spending the money on this event if would be much better if this money is utilized for the healthcare and education of the downtrodden people in this conflict zone of Kashmir,” he said.

Mirwaiz was addressing a gathering organized to observe Youm-e-Taqdoos on August 25 to protest the Jamia Masjid operation and to press for stopping the desecration of religious places by the state forces which they are doing since 25 years.

According to a statement of Hurriyat (M) to KNS prominent intellectuals, academicians, Islamic scholars, religious organizations, members of Hurriyat and public participated in the event.

Referring to Jamia Masjid operation, Mirwaiz said it has two objectives, one was to weaken the centrality of historic Jamia Masjid, and second was to suppress the voice of Shaheed-Millat Mirwaiz Mohammad Farooq who represented the emotions and aspirations of people.

The Hurriyat (M) chairman alleged that government was still pursuing with the policy of targeting the Jamia Masjid by putting curbs on congregational and Friday prayers from time to time.

Stressing upon the need to uphold the sanctity of Muslim religious  places, Mirwaiz said Kashmiris have to take steps to ensure the safety of their religious places on their own. “Kashmir issue was born in 1947 and is not only political, but a human issue as well.  Without solving the dispute, peace would never be restored in the disputed region,” he said.

Ruling out that Kashmir freedom movement was a Kashmiri Muslim versus Hindu India, he said that when they speak about the solution of Kashmir, it means the geographical entity of the state which existed before 1947.

Mirwaiz appealed to the Imams and Kahateebs to resist the pulls and pressures from the government and  pro-state institutions like Waqf and other bodies and raise their voice on all social and political issues and condemn interference in religious matters and speak without fear about the atrocities being committed on the innocent people of Kashmir.

The Hurriyat (M) chairman claimed that various agencies were pursuing the policy of divide and rule in Kashmir. He said many noted people and institutions were employed by the agencies to carry out such a dirty work.

He said that time and again Jamia Majid was targeted and efforts were made to harm its sanctity. He said people of Kashmir would not allow the state agencies to succeed. The Mirwaiz said that the Pulpit of Jamia Masjid would continue to raise the voice of the oppressed people of Kashmir at any cost and no amount of force or cohesion by the government will stop us from our commitment in this regard.

Mirwaiz said majlis-e-tahfuz iman and Majlis-e-Ulema were active in promoting unity among the kashmiris and foiling the nefarious designs of agencies aiming to divide people.

He expressed serious concern over the tense situation in Kishtwar.


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