Amid rains Er Rasheed begin his 24 hour hunger strike at press colony


Amid heavy rain independent lawmaker and MLA, Langate  Er Rasheed on  Friday started his 24 hour-long hunger strike with his other activists at Press colony Srinagar to protest against the atrocities on students by police and other agencies.

Amid rains, Er Rasheed begins his 24-hour hunger strike at press colony. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

The protesters were carrying banners and play cards appealing world community to take notice of huge atrocities on youth in Kashmir at the hands of security forces.

Talking to reporters MLA Langate Er Rasheed said that state Police has lost a right to be called as Jammu and Kashmir police as its double standards have crossed all limits.

He said “It is painful that while civilized people in every part of the world are showing their concern and are taking to streets, the local police is using all brutalities against the peaceful students. The fact of the matter is that police has not been allowing students to come out of their college or university premises thus provoking them and gets indulged in arguments and counter-arguments with the students. Police, army and other forces are always in search of an opportunity to humiliate and drag students without caring for their gender and age.”

Er Rasheed while reacting to Nayeen Akhter’s appeal to masses to stop protesting now, as the matter is being looked into by the court, reminded Nayeem Akhter of his government’s miserable failures in dealing with the issue.

He said, “Before throwing sermons to Kashmiris Nayeem Akhter should answer why was not Asifa’s body even allowed to be buried in her native village and why was no action taken against those who stopped the drinking water supply of the entire Muslim population in Rasana.”

“Not only Naeem Akhter but everyone else needs to know that Kashmiris have lost faith in the system and seeing the fate of Kunan and Shopian rape cases the apprehensions shown by the students and masses are genuine,” Rasheed said.

He asked Prime minister Narinder Modi not to give sermons in foreign countries about caring dignity and respect of women and challenged him to get Kunan, Shopian and likewise cases investigated through some internationally recognized agency if he believes in his words.


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