Amit Shah needs lessons in History: NC

National Conference Monday ridiculed BJP leader Amit Shah’s assertion that Kashmir problem was ‘confined to three and a half districts only’ while reiterating that Kashmir was not a law and order problem confined to geographical boundaries. The party demanded that Kashmir issue be approached politically not confrontationally.

In a statement issued from party headquarters Nawa e Subah, Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said, “Everyone who knows Jammu and Kashmir is well aware of the political contours of the issue. Unfortunately there are forces in the country who are known for raising false bogeys to hoodwink public. But all their strategies are going down the hill as far as Kashmir is concerned,” adding, “By dividing kashmir issue into geographical dimensions, they are only trying to create more trouble. This is evident from a series of statements Shah made earlier wherein he was trying to divide Jammu and Ladakh votes. Now he is also trying it with districts.”

He also slammed Shah on his comments regarding the alleged delay of then CM to reach out to flooded Kashmir. “He has the audacity to say that Modi reached Kashmir before Omar Sahab reached out to people. May I ask why we are still waiting for much of the flood restoration support Modi promised?”

Slamming the BJP President Amit Shah for his remarks on Kashmir Nasir said, “May I remind him that only Anantnag Parliamentary constituency where their joint PDP candidate literally ran away from the by elections is comprised of four districts. Does he (Shah) need lessons in geography of the country?” The statement alleged that the ruling coalition was running out of ideas to handle Kashmir and that it will therefore be “in the interest of country and the government to immediately rethink the strategy currently operational in Kashmir.”

On his allegations about Modi reaching Kashmir before Omar Abdullah reached out to people when floods wreaked havoc in Kashmir in September 2014, Nasir said, “When it comes to Kashmir, falsehood and concocted stories is all that they (BJP) have in their plans.” He alleged that BJP was leveling false, ungrounded allegations and that has become the “habit of right wing parties”.

He said, “It’s known to everyone how Omar Sahab in spite of the challenging circumstances was present on ground zero when the unfortunate floods happened.  Without any kind of government machinery at his disposal, he did what could have been done. The mentality of BJP and its ilk is exposed with the way a criminal silence is being maintained on public lynching’s which has become the order of the day. Instead they are more interested in leveling false allegations.”


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