Animal Husbandry dept issues spring advisory for livestock

SRINAGAR: Directorate of Animal Husbandry (DAH), Kashmir has asked the farmers associated with cattle rearing to take certain precautionary measures to protect their animals in the spring season.

Issuing “Spring Advisory for Cattle” the department has asked the farmers to protect their livestock in the spring season, which is characterised by intermittent rainfall, fluctuation in environmental temperature and abundant growth of green.

The Department has asked the farmers to protect the livestock from exposure to rain, wet weather and fluctuation in temperature and excessive green feeding. They have been asked to keep animal shed dry, restrict green grazing to avoid consumption of poisonous weed-herbs, avoid potassium fertilizers in fodder fields, avoid leguminous fodder and mineral supplements and ensure vaccination against FMD, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Black Quarter etc.

The farmers have also been asked to avoid excessive green feeding and ensure green fodder given to animals is mixed with larger quantities of dry fodder as its increased consumption can lead to diarrhea and problems like acidosis.


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