Anti- people policies of PDP-BJP gave rise to militancy again: Congress

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CongressReacting to the encounter in Arwani in District Islamabad between the militants and security forces, Congress Thursday blamed PDP BJP coalition for the rise in militancy related incidents in South Kashmir and elsewhere and termed it as an outcome of anti-people and wrong policies of the state government led by PDP leading the isolation of the people in Valley and elsewhere in the state.

The Party spokesman in a statement blamed the PDP-BJP coalition for the rise in militancy in the valley. “The wrong and anti-people policies of PDP-BJP coalition has again strengthened its roots of militancy in South Kashmir and elsewhere in the state, which is a matter of grave concern,” he said.

He castigated both state and centre government for their wrong approach towards the people both in the country and the state, resulting in the people have lost faith in democratic system and feel dejected too.

Mentioning that since the PDP-BJP coalition took the reins of power, “the situation not only in valley, but elsewhere has turned from bad to worse as the expectations of people from the government of the day were dashed.”

“Despite the huge losses caused to valley due to the unrest, state government led by PDP seems to have learnt no lesson, which is not only unfortunate, but shameful on the part of PDP,” he added



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