Army awards Major who tied man to jeep in Kashmir

Srinagar: The Major rank officer who came in the eye of storm after he tied a Kashmiri man to a jeep’s bonnet purportedly as a shield against civilian protesters in Valley on election day, reports said has been awarded by the Army.

Reports said that he has been awarded the army chief’s commendation card, for his counterinsurgency operations.

The officer belonging to 53-RR, identified as Nitin Gogoi brought himself and army in middle of controversy after a video clip went viral on internet showing a man tied to the bonnet of Rakshak jeep and paraded through villages on April 14.

Later, after facing wider criticism army initiated army ordered a probe into the incident.

The step was widely condemned by the separatist leadership of Kashmir but at the same time army and officials justified the act as a step to save convoy from stone pelting.


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