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While reacting to the statement of India’s Army Chief that those disrupting ant-militancy operations will be dealt strongly, incumbent Langate lawmaker, Er Rasheed termed it a “confession” of army that India has “lost control in Kashmir”.

In a statement Rasheed said, it is a confession that the state has lost control in Kashmir.

“General Rawat’s warning can be his professional compulsion but New Delhi must see and analyse it beyond that,” the statement added, “While militancy is completing its thirty years, New Delhi has miserably failed to consolidate its constituency in J&K.”

He said, “If general masses do not care of the consequences and put their lives at stake to save the armed militants, New Delhi must revisit its Kashmir policy and must understand that while General’s words are threat to Kashmiris, but not less than an advice for New Delhi, conveying it that J&K is a political problem which has not a military solution.”


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