Army Chief’s statement gestures genocide of Kashmiri youth: Jama’at


Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday expressed concern over the “threatening and intimidating” statement of Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat in which he has advocated the use of “military power” against the peaceful agitating youth in the valley thereby giving free license to the army personnel deployed here to use power at their will against the Kashmiri people and assuring them total exemption from any legal accountability for committing breach of any law or regulation.

In a statement issued on Tuesday a spokesperson of Jama’at said: “Further his desire that the protestors use bullets instead of stones, depicts his inner appetite for killing the Kashmiri youth, is also worrisome and agonizing and indicates the dreadful plans of New-Delhi’s BJP government to crush the public uprising here for the execution of which they are seeking the chances. The exemption of army personnel from any legal action involved in human rights violations clearly indicates the plan to use the military power against the people so as to crush their peaceful movement for securing their basic right of self determination as promised to them by the Indian government a number of times through the Security Council of UNO.”

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir considering all these provoking statements the clear violation of all legal norms including that of the Indian Constitution and the international human rights covenants, impressed upon the UNO and all the international and local human rights bodies to take serious notice of all this sordid situation and take all necessary steps to save Kashmiri people from genocide.

Further Jama’at makes it clear that by issuing threatening statements and by misuse of the power, peace has never been maintained but such attitude has always become a cause for adding to the disorder and public chaos.

Jama’at advises the “power crazy Delhi darbar” to understand the ground situation and solve the Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of the local people which justice demands and is also in the interest of the millions of people living in the Indo-Pak sub-continent.


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