‘Army Men Beat People’ in Bandipora



Fear gripped the Takiya Saderkoot village of Bandipora district Friday after army personnel reportedly barged into the houses of residents and resorted to unprovoked thrashing of inmates, locals alleged.

Protesters alleged that army personnel from Ajas camp barged into many houses during the time of Sahar and beat inmates including women and elders without any reason. As the people raised hue and cry, the army men fled from the spot, they said.

Protestors blocked Srinagar-Bandipora road at Takiyia demanding stern action against the erring army personnel involved in the incident.

Zahoor Ahmed a local resident said that angry army men entered houses and beat people while inquiring about a Deeni Ijtima (religious function) held yesterday in Takiyia Masjid.

“Army men questioned why people hold such congregation in the area,” villagers added.

“I was dragged from my house to road, as they tried to bundle me in the vehicle people from whole village came out for my rescue and they ran away from the village,” one of the protesters said.

According to locals, drunk army personnel jumped from their armoured vehicles and started beating everyone who came to their grip; men, women and children. “They didn’t spare anyone,” they added.


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