Dulat Interview: ‘Indian Agencies Creating Confusion Among Kashmiris’, says Rashid



MLA Langate and Awami Itihad Party President Engineer Rashid while commenting on the interview given by former RAW Chief AS Dulat to India Today and making several alleged disclosures with reference to Kashmir has termed the same as a ‘ploy to divide  Kashmiris’, and make them ‘quarrel and create bad vibes against one another’ and has cautioned  Kashmiris to remain aware about the conspiracies behind the curtain.

In a statement Rashid stated, “these alleged disclosures made by Dulat are being made to suggest that as if every Kashmir secretly wants personnel benefits and to give impression how much sacrifices a Kashmiri makes for resolution of Kashmir irrespective of that he is engaged in getting benefits secretly and all this is being  said so that Kashmiris suspect one another.”

He said, “actually, Delhi by these so called Dulat Like disclosures wants to demean the real leadership of Kashmiris among masses and create divide and rule on every front and thus escape from the resolution of actual dispute of Kashmir. Now, the Intelligence Agencies not only want to affront the profreedom leadership but their faithful agents like Farooq Abdullah and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.”

Advising Government of India to shun “dirty tactics and initiate meaningful talks” with UJC Chief Syed Salluhudin and other “genuine political representatives” for the just resolution of  Kashmir issue, Rashid alleged that by revealing these things “Dulat is actually for personal benefits shielding those who have already sold their conscience and reaffirmed that by such immature  talk AS Dulat is discrediting both himself and credibility of central Agencies.”



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