Army personnel thrash employee; harass women passengers

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Army men from Nehama Camp in southern Kashmir’s Kulgam district “harassed” female passengers and thrashed the government employee and caused massive damage to his private vehicle while the later was on way to his home from the government office.

Narrating the incident, Rural Development employee Muhammad Iqbal Lone of Samno village of Kulgam said that after leaving his government office in Kulgam he was on his way towards home when near Nehama Army Camp, a couple of Army men stopped his private vehicle (JK018-5311). He said that some females were on board when Army men without any provocations started damaging his vehicle.

“They smashed the windowpanes of my vehicle and when I objected, they pounced upon me. The forced female passengers to come out from the vehicle and started abusing them. The women passengers started crying when Army men used abusive language. We all were frightened and for a moment we thought they will shoot us,” Lone said.

“First I thought that I will report the incident to nearby police station but for that matter I had to reverse my vehicle and I was sure on my return these Army men will again attack me. Out of fear, I didn’t visit police station to file the complaint,” he said.

The Srinagar based Defence spokesperson was not available for the comments as his phone was switched off. (CNS)


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