JK Government Monday reiterated that the issue of state’s special status within the republic is a settled and clearly discussed thoroughly in the ‘Agenda of Alliance’.

“Agenda of Alliance has been finalized at the highest level with same approved by the Prime Minister. If any comment about scarping the special status of Jammu and Kashmir is made by someone, we take it as the personal opinion of that person. It cannot affect the understanding between the coalition partners and the common minimum program,” official spokesperson of the coalition government, Naeem Akhtar, said in the telephonic statement to KNS.

Article 370 is non- negotiable. The coalition partners in the state of Jammu and Kashmir are on the same page over the return of the migrant Pandits to Kashmir valley. There shall be the re-integration of the Kashmiri migrant pundits and the suggestions of the exclusive habitations are also settled,” he said.

Guarded in his words, Akhtar, who is also Education Minister, while commenting over the spree of statements coming out from both the camps of BJP and PDP that too contrary in nature, said that such statements which are made outside the alliance obliviously convey an impression which doesn’t reflect correctly the situation which is that coalition partners are working in unison.

“There is a coordination committee which deliberates over various issues pertaining to the state and the coalition partners in Jammu and Kashmir. All the issues are thoroughly discussed within the committee with the senior leadership of both the parties meet finalize the strategy. Such statements convey an impression contrary to that,” Akhtar added.

Asked about the statements made by the PDP Parliament Member Tariq Hameed Qarra about certain subtle issues, Akhtar remarked that Karra is a senior leader of the party and has his own views and opinions about the issues pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir.


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