Article 370: House adjourned for a day, ‘RSS hai hai’ slogans reverberate in house

Aakash Hassan


Amid massive uproar by the opposition over the controversy of “ex-punching” Chief Minister’s statement over Article 370, Legislative Assembly was adjourned for day.

BJP MLA from Kathua earlier in the zero hour demanded that CM’s remarks should be ex-punched.

This lead to massive uproar in the house and twin adjournments first for 15 minutes and later for 30 minutes.

Speaker however clarified that, the remarks of Chief Minister have not been ex-punched. “Chief Minister will come to clarify her statement,” he added.

The house was adjourned at 12:45 after all the opposition members were shouting slogans in the well and demanding clarification from government.

“Jawab dai Jawab dai, RSS Sarkarr Hai Hai,” opposition was shouting in the house.

As per reports, government is meeting to discuss the issue that has snowballed into a major controversy.


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