As Delhi Was Burning, Kashmiri Muslim and Haryana Hindu Families Were Swapping Kidneys

SRINAGAR: Regardless of how Delhi was smouldering in a communal frenzy, families from Kashmir and Haryana were busy swapping their kidneys in Chandigarh to save their two family members, The Times of India reported.

Muslim family belonged to Kulgam in south Kashmir and Hindu family was from Yamunanagar in Haryana. The swap took place in Chnadigrah’s Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula. It was the same doctor treating both the patients.

“Ifra Jan (20) who hails from Kulgram village near Anantnag showed exemplary courage at this young age by coming forward to donate her kidney to a man from Yamunanagar whose wife donated her kidney to Ifra’s mother under swap transplant at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula,” Shimona Kanwar reported for the Times. Mandatory tests indicated that her husband and later her daughter’s kidney did not match Zabaida, Irfa’s mother. It had a blood mismatch.

It was at the same time when Ajay Kumar (33) from Yamunanagar approached the hospital, the newspaper reported. “On a detailed analysis of both the patients, it was found that both these patients were fit or eligible for the paired exchange kidney transplant, which is a legally and medically viable option. Tissue matching was performed and both the kidneys matched perfectly to the respective donors said Dr Neeraj adding after necessary legal permissions from the respective state authorities of J &K and Haryana the transplants were performed successfully at Alchemist.”


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