Asiya Andrabi

when she  was scheduled to lead a women’s procession from Jamia Masjid to Edigah to register protest in Shopain rape and murder case.
Andrabi asked women to work on self defence measures. Later she led a procession of a few hundred women brandishing daggers to  Eidgah which has been sealed by the administration to prevent their entry.
Their procession was tear-gassed by the paramilitary troops, before the women could not put their feet on Eidgah.  
A few days afterwards the government deemed Asiya as a threat, like other separatists and was arrested.
She also called for a general strike on Thursday to protest the Union home minister P Chidambaram’s visit. However the strike call failed to get response from people, though her stature remains far from getting dented.
Always on lookout of potential dissenters, not to speak of rebels, police arrested Andrabi and booked her under Public Safety Act along with other separatist leaders. The PSA is not new to her, neither are the days of detention. Her husband is already spending his life in jail for more than a decade.
Described both as an Islamist and a feminist, Andrabi is one of the most vocal separatist leaders in Kashmir. Never the one to shy away from controversy, Andrabi has expressed support for Osama bin-Laden, the Taliban, attacks on women not wearing Islamic dress, and generally anything she deems to be un-Islamic. In September 2005, Andrabi was arrested again and sentenced to two years in jail for allegedly beating a woman who was sitting with a man in a restaurant (the man was the victim’s husband.) Andrabi’s detention caused widespread outrage and protest in Kashmir, and she was released before her sentence was fully served.


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