Asiya, Shah Hail Resolve of Pulwama People for ‘Martyrs Memorial’



Asiya-Andrabi-Dukhtaran-Milat-ChiefSenior Hurriyat Conference (g) leaders including Syedah Asiya Andrabi and Shabir Ahmad Shah saluted the “steadfastness and bravery” of the people of Pulwama who for the past 11 days are agitating for a “memorial of the martyrs”.

In a statement issued here, Asiya said, “the entire South Kashmir has taken a lead in fight against India on both the political and the military level and District Pulwama has excelled in its own.”

“I request people in Pulwama to continue till they achieve their goal and besides the memorial make it sure that the  bodies of Ansar Mujahideen are handed over to people so that they are given an Islamic burial along with their Kashmiri counterparts,” Asiya said asking youth to involve Ulema of the district in this cause.

“These Mujahideen from different and far places come to fight for us thus it is our moral obligation that we stand for them and arrange their funeral with honour and respect. The funeral of Shaheed Abu Qasim was a solace for his family and general people in Pakistan and therefore it is necessary that the same be provided for other Ansar Shuhada as well,” she said. “Under a conspiracy our Mujahideen are being buried in the forests of Uri. This should not be allowed.”

She condemned the arrest spree in Pulwama  and said that it is “barbaric that innocent young kids and youth are being dragged out in the dead of the night from their homes as if they are criminals they too have committed the crime which entire Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir have i.e. freedom from illegal occupation of India. People of the entire valley should rise up in their support”.

Shabir Shah
Shabir Shah

Meanwhile she also paid glowing tributes to “Shaheed Muhammad Yaseen Itoo, a top commander of Hizbul Mujahideen” and prayed for him and his family.

In his statement, Shabir Shah while strongly condemning the unleashing of brute force by police upon the people of Pulwama, on Sunday extended his full support to campaign demanding erecting of a “martyrs’ memorial” in the area.

“To erect a board in memory of martyrs is not against law but is aimed at remembering the beloved martyrs which is a natural act on part of people. To refuse to such public demand and to suppress the people will be futile,” he said.

Shah also demanded immediate release of the youths arrested by police and strongly condemned the use of pellet guns and pepper gas against the people.

He extended full support to “such campaigns of erecting the martyrs’ memorial in Pulwama and adjoining areas”.

Shabir Shah paid glowing tributes to Hizbul Mujahedeen Commander, “Shaheed Muhammad Yaseen Yatoo alias Mansoor ul Islam”.

He said, “the way the Shaheed Yaseen fought during his 19 year period is praiseworthy.”

He also expressed condolences and solidarity with the bereaved family.


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