‘Assaulting students may force them to join militancy’: Yasin Malik


While condemning the attacks on Kashmiri businessmen, students, and employees, JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that the prevailing situation will only promote violence and hatred and may push more people to “armed path”.

Quoting Malik, the spokesman said that these attacks are most horrible, and the videos of beating Kashmiris circulating on social media may force more youth to join the militancy.

“Today educated youth, boys, girls and scholars are being tortured and humiliated in different parts of the country, I want to ask one plane question that where will these assaults lead and where will it push these young Kashmiris,” the spokesman quoted Malik as saying.

Malik also hailed the Sikh community for playing a commendable role during in providing safety to stranded Kashmiris in nooks and corners of the country.


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