Assembly: 10000 New Gun Licences Issued in Kishtwar, Lawmaker Reveals



A KL file Image
A KL file Image

Communist Lawmaker representing Kulgam in the Lower House of J&K Legislature on Wednesday faced an angry Lawmaker when M Y Tarigami tried to stop him from further talking.

As soon as Langate Lawmaker, Engineer Sheikh Abdul Rasheed ended his ten minutes fierce debate on grants to departments held by Chief Minister, Ms Mehbooba Mufti, Tarigami was asked to start his speech, right wing BJP’s Ravinder Raina engaged Rasheed in verbal dual. The duo started discussing Kashmir, India and Pakistan.

While this was going on, Tarigami was asking Rasheed to keep silent as he had to start the debate. However, BJP’s Raina continuously kept answering and questioning Rasheed’s politics.

“Keep silent,” Tarigami yelled at Rasheed. “Who are you to order me,” Rasheed retorted back. Rasheed was sitting but stood up and told Tarigami to mean his own business. “Don’t give me sermon,” the Langate Lawmaker told Communist Lawmaker. However, PDP’s Javaid Mustafa Mir intervened and cooled down the tempers of engineer turned Lawmaker, Sheikh Abdul Rasheed.

Tarigami started his debate and revealed in the house that PDP-BJP government has issued new ten thousand licenses only in Kishtwar district.

“I had moved cut motion and the Home department has answered me that 10000 gun licenses have been issued in Kishtwar,” Tarigami told the House. He questioned government’s motive behind such a step.

“Do you want civil war in J&K,” he asked government while referring to situation in the United States. “Khuda rah hamien batayen ki ye kyun ho raha hai?”


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