Assembly: In J&K, Police Protect 2174 Persons



J&K has a population of 2174 persons who are being currently protected, the government informed the state assembly on Thursday.

“At present, 1362 categorized protected persons are being provided security in the form of PSOs / vehicles / hotel accommodation etc,” the government said in a written response to Congress man Vikar Rasool’s question. “Besides, 812, uncategorized persons are being provided security cover including 284 uncategorized protected persons availing hotel accommodation only.”

The government said that J&K police’s Security Wing provides security cover to protected persons as per instructions / directions contained in the yellow book on the basis of the threat perception assessed through CID and position based.

“The state level security review coordination committee meets periodically to review the categorization of the protected persons as per the guidelines of the ministry of home affairs, Government of India laid down in the yellow book,” the state said.

The government, however, refused to disclose the name of the protected persons for security reasons.



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