Assembly: ‘Pepper Gas Damages Eye Sight of Civilians’



KL file Image: Bilal Bahadur
KL file Image: Bilal Bahadur

Confessing that the pepper gas used by police against protestors has caused damaged to civilian population, a Lawmaker in lower house of JK Legislature on Monday demanded setting up an eye hospital in Kashmir.

Participating in debate over Grants to Health sector of J&K, National Conference Eidgah lawmaker Mubarak Gul, said, “Iss Mirchi Gas say aankhein kharaab huwi hai; aek aankhun ka hospital Kashmir mein establish kijye.” “The pepper gas has damaged eye sight (of civilians), (government) should set up an eye hospital in Kashmir.”

Notable to mention here, post 2010 uprising in Kashmir, authorities have been using pepper gas to thwart protests.

The pepper gas creates a sensation in eyes and tears start rolling down eyes which come in contact with the gas. The police have used the gas mostly in Old Srinagar and people have complained of the problems which are caused due to it.

Further he said, “militancy didn’t devour such a huge number of people who died because of the non-availability of health facilities.”

Gul further asked health department to throw open a hospital “constructed years ago”. “I will come with you,” he told the health minister, “ why aren’t you opening it for public? What stops you?”


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