Assembly: Since 2008, 2013 witnessed Highest Number of ‘Crimes Against Women’

Heena Muzzafar


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The J&K state Government on Tuesday released “comprehensive figures” of last eight years regarding various crimes that come under “Crime against Women”.

It said, so far, 25,726 cases have been registered since 2008 up to 2015. “The period has witnessed a rise in certain cases and fall in some,” government answered MLC Natesh Kumar Gupta during the on-going budget session of J&K Legislature.

“Rape under RPC (376) exhibited on women has shown a rise with 221 cases filed in year 2008, 232 in 2009, 243 in 2010, 273 in 2011, 299 in 2012 and an abrupt increase in 2013 with 376 registered cases. 351 and 312 cases have been filed in 2014 and 2015, respectively,” the reply said.

The state registered three cases of Gang rape in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

It informed that 653 cases in 2008; 819 in 2009; 850 in 2010; 1041 in 2011; 1059 in 2012; 956 in 2013; 826 in 2014; 1097 in 2015 and 218 in 2016, so far, were registered under Kidnapping & Abduction of Females, under RPC (363,366).

The response said that a total number of 9,779 cases right from 2008 up to 2015 were registered under Molestation (outraging modesty under RPC 354). 2008 has witnessed a total number of 869 registered cases that has gone much far with 1340 cases in 2015. In 2016, so far, 245 such cases were registered.

293 cases of eve teasing under RPC (294) were filed in 2008 and 215 in 2015. However, a slight increase was witnessed in such cases in 2013 with 354 cases registered.

Dowry death cases are comparatively under control with a total number of 77 registered cases from 2008 to 2016.

Under Abetment of suicide if victim is a woman (RPC 306), a total of 1,328 cases were registered. 84 cases were witnessed in 2008. Figures have triggered up in 2014 and 2015, with 164 and 166, registered cases, respectively.

Cruelty by husband or relatives of husband under RPC (498 A) is increasing with 2,450 cases file, so far.

Dowry restraint prohibition Act, 1976 has comparatively seen less incidents with 17 cases registered from 2008 up to 2016, so far.

Suppression of immoral trafficking in women and girl Act 1956 is under control, yet with a total number of 19 cases registered, so far.

The government said that Police Department have 74,913 overall posted strength.

Moreover, there are 224 police stations that include 06 women police stations; 11 police stations in railways; 02 in CID; 02 in Crime Branch; o1 Tourist police station; 07 anti-human trafficking units.

Besides, the reply said, state has 288 police posts, including 20 in railways and 108 are Border Police Posts.

The government further said that under Narcotics Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, a total of 3039 cases were registered from 2008 up to April 2016 and 5127 persons were arrested in such cases during the period.


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