Assembly: ‘SRTC will Register Zero % Losses in 2016-17,’ Foretells Minister



All along the years the fate of SRTC has mirrored the situation of Jammu and Kashmir.
All along the years, the fate of SRTC has mirrored the situation of Jammu and Kashmir.

Energetic, Minister of State and BJP’s Kishtwar Lawmaker, Sunil Kumar Sharma Thursday ‘predicted’ that the Jammu and Kashmir State Roads Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) “will register zero losses” in 2016-17.

Responding to the debate over grants to Transport Department, Sharma asserted that “no department in J&K was registering profit”.

“Everybody blames SRTC for losses but tell me which department is registering profit,” he told the lower house of J&K Legislature.

However, he emphasized, “I assure this house that the J&K SRTC will register zero percent losses in this financial year.”

Detailing the structure of Transport department, Sharma said, “the department has 1370000 vehicles but only 236 employees which are managing 22 districts.” “How come it is possible to see the positive results?” he asked.

Sunil Kumar Sharma
Sunil Kumar Sharma

Given the “bad condition” of the department, Sharma said, “I have submitted a proposal to government for reorganizing the department.”

He said that a single ARTO is supposed to issue licenses, PCB Certificates and other things “which is humanely impossible”.

He said that while discussing the grants next year, “I will be presenting a positive picture of my department”.

Further he said, “we have entered in an MoU with J&K Bank.”

Through this MoU, the Transport department will be procuring 750 vehicles with 600 Trucks.

“This will generate employment, and profit as well,” he asserted. “Not only this, this will be property of state establishment.”


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