Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Sunday took a strong note of higher authorities who are trying to “intimidate and muzzle the genuine voice of doctors by coercive tactics”. Besides fighting for our long pending genuine demands, DAK will always raise voice against nepotism, favouritism and corruption which is very much rampant in the health department.

Dr Suhail Naik President DAK said “freedom of speech is a fundamental right and no one can stop us from raising our voice. It is very unfortunate that the authorities have continued their victimisation tactics to suppress the voice of doctors.

Dr Mir Mushtaq senior executive member of DAK while referring to the yesterday’s episode at Government Gousia Hospital,Srinagar   said, “that unprecedented visit of DNO to said hospital was to harass and intimidate our senior executive member, Dr Masood Rashid who has been always at the forefront for the campaign against nepotism and favouritism in the department. During his visit to the said hospital, he has intentionally singled out the mentioned doctor and has willfully seized his  ‘casual leave’ application.

Dr Arshid Hussain Trag secretary DAK said that “it will not be out of context to mention that previously DHSK had harassed our 4 doctors including President and General Secretary DAK, by issuing illegal notices to them in which Dr Masood was further persecuted by serving him illegal charge sheet.It seems higher authorities don’t like any questions to be asked and show their authoritarian approach by these illegal actions.

Dr Yousuf Tak, convener Jammu and Kashmir Doctors Coordination Committee added that “yesterday’s episode if Gousia hospital Srinagar is a blot on the higher authorities of DHSK and we condemn such actions. We warn authorities to restrain from such actions and in future, if the previous policies are repeated, we will not remain as mute spectators”.

DAK seeks a transparent promotion and posting of doctors based on seniority and wants an end to favouritism and nepotism which is so prevalent and has caused mental agony to the senior and deserving doctors who have been denied same on one pretext or the other.

DAK urges it’s cadres to remain united to defeat the evil designs of the authorities.DAK urges the worthy Principal Secretary takes due note of the concerns of doctors.


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