Autonomy an outdated formula: Er Rasheed


Appealing NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah to show consistency and sincerity, AIP President Er Rasheed on Friday said that restoration of Autonomy cannot be a permanent solution to the seventy yearlong internationally recognized dispute which has claimed more than five lac lives since 1947.

Er Rasheed, file image

In a statement, while reacting to Farooq Abdullah’s claim that NC will give regional Autonomy to all regions within a month if voted to power, Rasheed said that NC has every right to ask for restoration of autonomy but neither New Delhi nor NC itself has shown the seriousness over the issue from time to time.

At a time when New Delhi is keen bent to snatch even the shroud of Autonomy and bury its naked mortal remains, stressing for Autonomy restoration simply means diluting Kashmir cause and disrespecting sacrifices of Kashmiris. It is New Delhi, not Kashmiris that has disrespected the instrument of temporary accession as such the entire blame lies on New Delhi which has a history of broken promises.

Rasheed urged NC leadership not to stress for Autonomy and must affiliate itself with the popular and genuine sentiments of people of J&K.

Rasheed said that Dr Farooq needs to be reminded that after giving up the demand for plebiscite NC leadership, unfortunately, failed to restore autonomy first in 1975 and then against in 1996 and the Autonomy as a resolution stands outdated as on date.


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