Avoid Provocative Utterances: Mufti To Indo Pak Leadership

KL Report


Patron of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mufti Mohammad Sayed Friday said that peace process initiated by his government was an irreversible process and roadmap laid by his party was the only way to establish sustainable peace in the sub-continent. He said that PDP through its programmes and policies has created a sense of security among residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing a function to welcome political activist of Akhnoor, who joined PDP, Sayeed again appealed political leadership of both India and Pakistan to maintain spirit of the cease-fire on Line of Control (LoC) to ensure peace and tranquility in this sub-continent. He said that residents of border areas were the worst victims of the hostility between two countries so “I urge leadership of both the countries to maintain ceasefire for the security of life and property of people of Jammu and Kashmir”.

“The situation necessitate that instead of indulging into provocative utterance both the countries should continue this process of dialogue to prevent another era of turmoil in this sub-continent”, he urged and recalled how residents of Jammu and Kashmir had faced worst situation during hostility between India and Pakistan before announcement of cease-fire on LoC.

While cautioning against approach of hawkish elements who are opposing continuation of dialogue between India and Pakistan, he reminded that it was during the NDA regime that a composite dialogue process was started. “When the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had extended hand of friendship towards Pakistan during historic rally at Srinagar on April 18, 2003, tension was high on the borders”, he recalled and hastened to add PDP through its pro-peace policies convinced both the neighbouring countries to break the ice and take some Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) for restoration of peace in this region.

“Previous NDA regime headed by Atal Behari Vajpayee and present UPA government led by Dr Manmohan Singh whole heartedly supported the initiatives taken by us for establishing sustainable peace in this region,” Sayed said.


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