Azad Imposes Gag Order On DPAP Leaders To Restore Respect And Civility

SRINAGAR: Former Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has issued a gag order on leaders of his newly formed Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) after facing criticism over their statements.

In a circular, Ghulam Nabi Azad has directed party leaders to refrain from speaking ill or making personal attacks against leaders of other political parties. “No spokesperson will speak to the media on any sensitive or controversial issue without permission from the general secretary in charge of media, RS Chib, and chief spokesperson Salman Nizami,” Azad said.

Azad further stated that no leader, spokesperson, or individual from DPAP should speak against or disrespect the sentiments of SC/ST or any other caste, region, religion, or social or political organization.

The decision to impose a gag order on leaders comes after a DPAP spokesperson made racial comments against tribals, which received widespread criticism from various quarters.

Azad mentioned that in recent years, the political landscape and thinking at the national and state level have changed significantly, and the mutual respect and regard that previously existed for leaders of other political parties have disappeared.

“It is commonly observed that leaders and spokespersons from different political parties engage in mudslinging, resorting to foul and unparliamentary language, and even using abusive language,” the circular stated.

He further expressed that the lack of mutual respect and regard has tarnished the image of leaders in the eyes of the public and society as a whole, and the respect and confidence they once enjoyed no longer exist. (KNO)


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