SRINAGAR: Much hyped B2V I and B2V II exposed the government and created an atmosphere of 3 Deficits Trust – Governance – Development and has proved futile exercise, slammed Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, former Minister and Senior National Conference leader in a statement, issued here today, whenever Government intends to divert the attention of common people from its failures, it starts B2V programmes And now, B2V III programme has been started.

In a statement, Sadhotra said that the net result of B2V Programmes was total Disconnection between common people and the government.

He said that sweet dreams were shown to the common people by making tall promises especially to basic Democratic Institutions and promises were never fulfilled till date and it further gave strength to the atmosphere of 3 Deficts.

“B2V programme proved to be as Mungeri Lal Ke Sapne,” Sadhotra asserted.

“B2V programmes were cruel jokes with the innocent common villagers. The PRIs organized the programmes with great fan and fare and with big hopes but the hopes were dashed to the ground. It was wastage of time and government offices turned non-functional,” Sadhora said, adding that all the day to day urgent works of common people remained unattended and they suffered as there was nobody to listen to them in offices. It caused more sense of misgovernance and disconnect.

“Nomenclature of the programmes B2V is good but the outcome was Big Zero. At this time of Medical Emergency Pandemic Covid-19, Government instead of putting its full force to fight this Pandemic is trying to divert the attention of the common people to cover up the government failures on all fronts especially Health Care,” he said.

Sadhotra said it is high time for the government to take effective steps to instill confidence by further strengthening health care in Medical College Jammu and other Health Institutions.

National Conference leader emphasized the need of taking confidence-building measures to remove 3 Deficits to create a sense of Trust, Good Governance and Development.

“If the prevailing situation of 3 Deficits and Disconnection continues, it will further alienate the common people which is not in the National interest,” said Sadhotra in a statement.


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