Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman  Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was detained on Monday after he tried to defy his house arrest to march towards Badami Bagh army base in Srinagar.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq detained after he defies house arrest and tried to march towards Badami Bagh army base in Srinagar.

The spokesman said that Mirwaiz came out of his Nigeen residence around 11:30 am where he has been placed under house arrest. “He tried to march towards Badami Bagh but a large posse of policemen deployed there foiled his march by detaining him,” he said.

Mirwaiz, according to a spokesman, was lodged at Nigeen police station.

The spokesman said before his arrest, Mirwaiz said that forces have become a killing machine.

According to a spokesman, Mirwaiz said the killing of 10 Kashmiri’s including 8th standard student, young fathers, sons, and brothers all common Kashmiri’s is deeply saddening.

“After indiscriminate killings, civilians are branded as over ground workers and terrorists which is preposterous in itself, but what is worse is that this propaganda is used as a means of endorsing and justifying the civilians killings by armed forces,” the spokesman quoted Mirwaiz as having said.

The spokesman in a statement quoted Mirwaiz as having said: “Delhi has overplayed the  terrorist /Pak proxy/instigators card and no is buying this narrative except some people in India at whom it is aimed for electoral gains as the world sees for itself the ever-growing graph of atrocities and massacres of Kashmiri’s who are only asking for a just and peaceful resolution of the dispute.”

Extending his Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families,  Mirwaiz said that we are not even allowed to express our sorrow and mourn these “brutalities” as our tormentors give us no space to grieve collectively and express our outrage and overwhelming emotions at these killings.

“We can only express our sorrow and outrage by stopping our daily business, as each day we lose valuable lives. Shut down is the only collective response left with us to express our condolences our sorrow our solidarity and our outrage to such atrocities. Every other space for the expression of our emotions is barred by force,” the spokesman quoted Mirwaiz as having said.

Mirwaiz said after indiscriminate killings, barricading all modes of protest grieving and mourning, statements are issued that forces are always with the people of Kashmir. How ironic is it threats are issued under the garb of being here for peace.

Mirwaiz said people and leadership also want peace but not the peace of graveyard to which our people are being sent. We want peace of the living lasting and durable peace we want an end to bloodshed on all sides and the only guarantee of that is a political resolution of the Kashmir dispute, not a military solution.


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