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Muzaffar Hussain Baig of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Wednesday submitted his conditional resignation letter to the speaker of the state legislative assembly after he advised the chief minister to quit as a mark of protest against the killing of a youth in Baramulla by the hands of army. Baig was initiating a discussion on the adjournment motion submitted by his party on the Baramulla killing.

“If you are helpless, you should quit,” Baig told chief minister adding, “I assure you that we too will follow you once you submit your resignation.”

Baig stressed upon chief minister that all the assembly members should resign to protest the killing of youth in Baramulla a day before. He concluded his emotional speech on handing over a conditional resignation letter to the speaker, Mubarak Gul.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday had broken down in Legislative Assembly over the killing of a youth in Baramulla by the hands of army, saying he was tired of such happenings.

Visibly upset over the killing, the Chief Minister even refused to reply on the Governor’s address saying he was “hurt to the extent” that he has no words “to praise my own government”.

Expressing his helplessness chief minister had Tuesday said, “Yeh Meray Log Hain. Mujay Bi Is Riyasat Main Rehna Hai. Kis Kay Paas Jawoon Ga. Kahan Jawoon Ga. Main Un Say Kya Kahoon Ga. Main Kya Jawab Doon.”

Chief Minister, however had later denied the possibility of his resignation over the killing of a youth in Baramulla, saying if his stepping down can bring a person back to life he will do so in a flash.

Omar on micro-blogging site Twitter had said, “Note to others spreading rumours about my impending resignation – I haven’t resigned. If my resignation could bring a person back to life I’d resign in a flash. My responsibility to the state and people is to ensure incidents like today’s see justice done.”


  1. if ur conscience is alive u must resign immedaitley,as a cm u r bound to control not only public but also endian forces also ,if u r not able to give safety to kashmiri citizens it iz better to quit,then v can say u r friend of kashmiri otherwise enemy as others

  2. His denial of resignation reveals that his break down in assembly is cunningness .On the one hand says I am helpless but on the on the other hand does not want to leave the chair .Great makkar .


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