Baigh, Mufti, Jagmohan formed  Brutal Trio: Dr. Farooq

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National Conference Party President Dr. Farooq Abdullah addressed an  election rally in Pattan, North Kashmir Sunday and said that PDP’s Parliamentary Candidate Muzaffar Baig and its patron Mufti Sayeed formed a brutal trio of repression along with Governor Jagmohan. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that it was this trio that was responsible for unprecedented mayhem, massacres and bloodshed in Kashmir and had Mufti Sayeed not become the Home Minister of India, thousands of young Kashmiri boys would have been alive today.

Addressing the election rally Dr. Farooq said that it was none other than Muzaffar Baig, who as Governor Jagmohan’s Advocate General suggested the abrogation of Article 370 and showed Jagmohan the legal ways and recourses to transfer Kashmiri prisoners outside the State in scorching heat. “It was Mufti and Baigh who were part of Jagmohan’s assault on the soul of Kashmir when unprecedented massacres were being carried out in Kashmir. These who are pretending to be wound healers today are the ones who have inflicted some of the most brutal wounds on the hearts and minds of the Kashmiri people”, Dr. Farooq said.

Dr. Farooq said that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed doesn’t believe in the politics of ideology but has invested his entire life in the politics of sabotage and intrigue. “Mufti has spent the greater part of his career trying to dislodge democratically elected governments and hopping from one party to another and one camp to another for power. Now he has fallen to the level of joining hands with Narendra Modi – a person whose hatred and animosity towards Muslims and towards the people of Jammu and Kashmir is no secret.”, he said.

Addressing the impressive election rally in Pattan, Dr. Farooq said that Muzaffar Baig as the Advocate General of Jagmohan and with patronage from Mufti Sayeed as the Home Minister, played a significant role in the implementation of laws like AFSPA and DAA in the State. “Today they shed crocodile tears about the same laws. Wasn’t it Mehbooba Mufti who pledged and swore that she would give up security if AFSPA wasn’t revoked? What happened to that melodrama? It is a fact that PDP never spoke about the revocation of AFSPA while in power. When asked today – they say that they mentioned it in phone conversations to Delhi. Do they think the people of Kashmir are such abject fools to believe their lies and drama?”, Dr. Farooq said.

Dr. Farooq said that the entire country should stand united against Narendra Modi and his divisive, communal agenda. “This man is set to divide India on the basis of religion. We cannot allow him to succeed. The costs that India and especially its minorities might have to pay if Modi becomes PM are enormous. National Conference will be at the front lines of a battle to protect India’s and J&K’s history of communal harmony, amity and brotherhood. We will not allow Modi to succeed.” Dr. Farooq said.

Speaking to the public, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that nothing had changed in Mufti Sayeed’s political character. “In 1990 he joined hands with L. K. Advani and Jagmohan just to become the Home Minister of India and to repress Kashmiris like never before. Today, Mufti Sayeed is just repeating history by having joined hands with Narendra Modi. He should however know that Kashmiris have seen his real face and he, his party and their tall rhetoric – all stands exposed before the people”, he said. The Election Rally was also addressed by Senior National Conference Leader Ali Mohammad Sagar, Aga Yousuf and Sheikh Riyaz Ahmed.

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