Ban on Hurriyat (g) Seminar: ‘PDP-BJP Coalition Worst Govt Ever,’ says Geelani



While terming the banning of its seminar which was called by some Hurriyat Conference (g) constituents, arrest of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Secretary General Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai and detaining him in Humhama police station, raiding the houses of Hurriyat leaders Mohammad Yousuf Naqash, Hakeem Abdul Rasheed and Bashir Ahmad Andrabi and sealing of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat central office as “worst kind of state terrorism”, Chairperson Hurriyat (g) Syed Ali Geelani condemned it in strong words.

Terming the Mufti-BJP coalition government as “worst government ever”, Syed Ali Geelani said, “Jammu & Kashmir is practically ruled by the RSS and the entire state has been converted into a prison where voices of the common people are being choked. The peaceful political activities have been completely banned and ‘Battle of Ideas’ like slogans has been buried.”

In a statement to KNS, Hurriyat (g) said that some constituents of the Hurriyat amalgam which include Islamic Political Party, Muslim Democratic League, Kashmir Freedom Front and Tehreek-e-Mazahmat had decided to organize a seminar in “Hotel De-Meridian” Rajbagh on 7th October in which many important and prominent personalities were invited to express their views.

“This was an academic type of function to be held in a closed room which could have no bearing on the law and order situations and it could have not disturbed the traffic system of the city but the Rajbagh police station raided the said hotel on 6th October. The police strongly refused the organizing of the said function in the said hotel,” the statement said.

“The Hurriyat constituents then decided to organize this function at the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat central office at Hyderpora but the police again came in action and sealed all the lanes and by-lanes leading to the seminar venue and does not allowed anybody to move towards the Hurriyat office. During this, the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Secretary General Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai was as usual coming to the office but the police stopped and arrested him on the Airport road and detained him in the Humhama police station,” the statement added.

While terming the police action as “height of hooliganism”, Geelani said, “the state administration is testing our patience and by banning our purely political activities, they are playing a very dangerous game.” “These kinds of actions are forcing our children and youths to abandon their schools, colleges and universities and instead of pen and books they pick up the gun.”

Geelani further said that the political uncertainty of Jammu & Kashmir is affecting the whole South Asian region and the entire region is suffering from disorder and disharmony due to this issue. “Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and the other people of his tribe are only concerned to their chairs and that is why instead of showing any type of seriousness, they follow the dictates from the New Delhi and completely choke the political space for the pro-freedom people due to which the serious situation of the state is further worsening day by day.”

“The Kashmir policy of New Delhi has completely failed and they got nothing despite following this policy for 68 long years. The freedom sentiment of the Kashmiris has further strengthened and they don’t want any kind of compromise with India,” Geelani said.

The statement said that Geelani, “while advising the rulers of India to shun their rigidity and stubbornness”, said, “Kashmir is not any law and order issue. Beside it being a political matter, it is also a human issue and due to its lingering millions of Kashmiris are living a miserable life and they are being subjected to worst kind of atrocities here.”


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