Ban on Hurriyat (g) Seminar: ‘This is a Barbaric Act,’ says Khan



Senior Hurriyat (g) leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Wednesday strongly condemned the banning of Hurriyat Conference (g) seminar.

Terming the act as “barbaric”, he said, “arrest of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Secretary General Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai and detaining all those who were inside the Hurriyat office speaks volumes of barbarism at the hands of the so called administration.”

Khan said, “Mufti Sayeed’s so called government has choked the opposite political voices and created an atmosphere of suffocation and chaos.”

“Detention of political leaders for months together without any reason and arresting pro-freedom political activists on one or the other pretext is nothing but frustration of the so called government which is trying everything to please its anti-Muslim masters sitting in New Delhi and Nagpur,” he said in his party – National Front, statement. “Disallowing indoor seminars is unimaginable in the civilized world but India through its local agents is implementing every law of jungle raj in Jammu Kashmir especially Muslim dominated areas of the disputed state.”


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