Banning Jama’at an ‘abuse’ of power, KCCI says


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry condemned the banning of Jama’at-e-Islami and said it is a part of a provocative and motivated crusade against a particular community.

The spokesman said that Political advantage is being extracted out of the prevailing hostile situation by creating deep divisions amongst sections of the society. The spokesman of the KCC&I stated that the arrests of workers and leaders, seizure of moveable and immovable properties including educational institutions are a blatant act of abuse of power aimed at the subjugation of minorities.

The onus is on the Government to start explaining to the public the compulsions justifying the targeting of religious institutions belonging to a particular community. Sealing of residential houses and schools violates the basic principles of humanity and demonstrates the desperation of people after the global rejection of their politics of hate, communalism and pernicious designed propaganda.


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