Banning Locals From Visiting Pahalgam, Sonamarag Unacceptable: Khan

KL Report


Separatist leader Nayeem Ahmad Khan has strongly criticized the government order banning local students to visit Pahalgam and Sonamarag by calling it as “the height of colonial domination”.

 Demanding immediate revocation of the order Khan on Saturday said in a statement, “the order is outrageous and hence condemnable and in no way acceptable to the natives.”

Government on Friday, put strict instructions to the educational institution that they should desist from sending the students on excursion and picnic to Pahalgam and Sonamarg.

 “This should be ensured by the head of the Institutions both Government and Private that the excursion and picnics are conducted carefully, leaving no room for any misdemeanor and safe pick-up and return of students,” read an official statement.

Khan said that the government order for local educational institutions not to go for picnic to Pahalgam and Sonemarag in the peak summer months is “a smack of sinister designs of the government.”

He said that it is a way of throwing away natives and flooding the places with aliens. “Government should note that such acts will lead to disastrous consequences,” Khan said, demanding, “the order must be withdrawn and the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) be dissolved to pave way for local pandits to arrange the annual yatra.”

Khan said that Kashmiris have a tradition of 180 years of conducting this Yatra smoothly. But now yatra has been loaded with nefarious politics that has changed it into a tool of driving away locals gradually from the scene.

Khan said that banning local students from visiting Pahalgam and Sonemarag is to create a wedge between Yatris and locals only to defame the ongoing peaceful resistance movement of Kashmiris.

Calling for a complete shut down on the Indian Prime Minister’s Kashmir visit on June 25, Khan said that Kashmiri people have nothing against Manmohan Singh’s person but his government has killed round about 300 unarmed Kashmiris in last five years, it hanged Mohammad Afzal Guru and even jailed his body and New Delhi is not accepting the facts about the Kashmir dispute.

“Kashmiri’s hearts are bleeding due to the oppression and suppression of New Delhi so they are not interested in the inauguration of rail services and developmental projects,” Khan said.

“Mr Manmohan Singh must know that Kashmiri people well understand the value of freedom and it is their ultimate goal, so they will never ever give up their demand of freedom against the so called developmental projects,” Khan added.


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