Baramulla braid chopping: Police version


Police on Thursday issued the following statement about the alleged braid chopping incident in Baramulla district in northern part of Kashmir.

“Today morning a Braid chopping incident having taken place at Khwaja Bagh Baramulla was reported to Police Station Baramula. Thereafter Police party went on spot and inspected the scene of occurrence and started preliminary investigation into the matter which revealed that

1) The victim is a teenage girl (name withheld ) living with her family in a rented accommodation in Khawaja Bagh Baramulla.

2)The family is hailing originally from Uri and father of the girl works in Police department.

3)The girl reported that her Braid was chopped during the night, however she was sleeping in the same room with her parents and there seemed to be no possibility of any outsider making entry into the room.

4)The father has gone to duty in the morning as per routine.

5)During further investigation it was found that the victim girl is suffering from psychiatric ailment with DISSOCIATIVE symptoms and has been undergoing medical treatment for that. She was examined by psychiatrist on 28th September with a follow up check up yesterday only in District Hospital Baramulla. Today also a psychiatrist called by police to examine her and the report is awaited.

6) The girl claimed that Braid Chopper made entry through wall and escaped through closed door which manifests conversion disorder (Hysteria).

7) Police has also recovered a fresh shaving blade from the spot.

Further investigating of the case is going on, taking into account all circumstances and facts.

Baramulla Police also expresses profound gratitude to the people of the area who cooperated with police and allowed us to conduct investigation without any interference.”


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