Beef Ban Bill: ‘I’ll Discuss About it and Will be Back to You,’ Speaker tells Rashid



On day fourth of the on-going Autumn session as National Conference legislators are holding a Sit-In outside state legislative complex and Congress lawmakers staged walk out, the independent lawmaker, Er Rashid was given chance to put forth his question.

Rashid was on toes since resumption of business this morning accusing all unionist parties of “following same path” while in government. “You did same when you were in treasury benches,” angry Rashid told GM Saroori of Congress when later stood to speak.

While making his point, Rashid demanded that his Beef Ban Bill should be taken up earlier for discussion. “I want an assurance from your good self,” Rashid addressed Sepaker, Kavinder Gupta.

“I’ll discuss about it and will be back to you,” Speaker replied to Rashid’s demand.


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