Beef Ban: ‘Meddling With People’s Food Habits Undemocratic’



Opposing the ban on sale of beef in Jammu and Kashmir, J&K State Committee, CPI (M) has said that there should be a freedom to eat what one wants and people be left to make their own choices about food.

“Nobody should discount the perilous social impact of meddling with the food habits and preferences in a multi religious society,” CPI (M) spokesperson said in a statement. “CPI (M) believes that the latest ruling from the Honourable High Court, which has further reinforced a colonial-era law banning the sale of beef, is devoid of any regard for the sensitivities of people of this state.”

It is no secret, he said, “that rabid communal forces led by RSS which are at the helm of affairs are encouraging such tendencies to divide the ranks of the people. CPI (M) appeals all sections of the society not to fall prey to the machinations of communal and divisive elements who want to disintegrate the state.”

The J&K govt must come forward and effectively contest this ruling of the High Court, he said.


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