Beef Ban: Protest not Against any Religion but Court Order, says Geelani




While strongly condemning the government actions of placing Tehreek-e-Hurriyat general secretary Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai and raiding of the Hurriyat office Rajbagh, Muslim League office and the residence of the Hurriyat leader Mohammad Yousuf Naqash by the police, Chairperson Hurriyat (g) Syed Ali Geelani stated in clear terms that their protest was not against any particular section, region or the religion but against the controversial decision of the court which have hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community and have given birth to a discussion on this sensitive issue.

In a statement issued, Geelani while appealing for protecting of the traditional brotherhood and communal harmony of the state said, “no such activity suits to any Muslim which can trigger communal tension or which will hurt sentiments and emotions of any other person.”

Hurriyat (g) chairperson added, “the time chosen for this controversial judgment is very meaningful and it seems that it is a deep rooted conspiracy to disturb the communal harmony of the state so that the just and genuine freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people be given a wrong image and project this freedom movement as a Hindu-Muslim issue.”

“The communal and fascist party of India RSS is directly ruling the state of Jammu & Kashmir with the backing of Mufti Sayeed and the people related to this fascist organization has begun to influence the administration, police and judiciary of this state. First target of these people is the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people,” Geelani alleged. “We have to remain very careful in this situation and we have to answer their tricks with extreme wisdom. We have to decide that we shall not fight the battle in the field chosen by the enemies but we have to be very cautious.”

The octogenarian leader said, “the battle of Kashmiris is between an oppressor and oppressed people. We have no enmity with the people of India but we are against the forced occupation of this country.”

“The policy makers of New Delhi are planning to change the direction of our freedom struggle and to project it a Hindu-Muslim dispute and the controversial decision of the court is perhaps to provoke us so that we will act in haste and do such an act which will overshadow the oppression of India in Kashmir and this country will try to present us cruel instead of oppressed people in front of the world.”

Syed Ali Geelani asserted, “there is no question of obeying the controversial court judgment because it is against our faith and religious beliefs but our protest against this should be peaceful and disciplined in every way so that enemy could not succeed in his wicked designs and we have to be extremely watchful.”


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