Before Boycott, NC Attempted A Mock Parallel House



Article 370

Before its two lawmakers were marshalled out forcing NC president Omar Abdullah to boycott the rest of the brief session, opposition lawmakers tried to create a parallel mock house with Mubarak Gul in ‘chair’. It led the watch and ward staff to take the chair out of the well.

At the peak of the din when entire opposition was roaring in the well of the house, NC lawmakers attempted creating a mock house by setting up a temporary structure to have parallel proceedings. NC lawmakers somehow managed to get one chair from the reporting staff and asked Gull, a former speaker, to hold the house in the well.

In fact, one NC lawmaker started addressing him that was appointed by communist lawmaker Tarigami.

It sent the watch and ward staff to somehow take control of the chair and take it out if the house preventing a new spectacle.

It was followed by another wave of pandemonium in which NC lawmaker Altaf Kaloo used his muscle to trigger a disturbance. Speaker later suspended him for the rest of the session. It was immediately followed by Omar announcing his party decision to stay away for the rest of the session.

With NC out of the house along with Congress and two independent lawmakers Tarigami and Hakim Yasin, the house was left with lone opposition member engineer Rashid. Though the proceedings of the house continued according to the listed business, Rashid continued disruptions till the last minute. In fact he was in the well of the house at a time when his motion on education was discussed.


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