Beg sought “credible” enquiry against VK Singh


KL Report


Speaking for the first time in the ongoing session of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, senior PDP leader Muzaffar Hussain Beg Monday sought “credible” enquiry against retired Indian army chief, VK Singh over the claims he made against the J&K ministers.

“By issuing different statements, a retired army chief, VK Singh not only tarnished the image of an individual minister, he in fact, tarnished the image of an institution we all represent.”

The former deputy chief minister, Beg, informed the house that enquiry against Singh is not an enquiry against the Indian army.

“He has issued statements against state ministers on his personal behalf and not on the behalf of institution he held,” he elaborated.

Beg said that by issuing statement against the Panchayat elections in the state, VK Singh has belittled sacrifices rendered by the elected members, who sacrificed their lives to make the process transparent.

He said that Singh’s claims blemished the public image of GH Mir, state agricultural minister saying that the given amount isn’t even enough to change the guards in SMC.

“I don’t think Omer Abdullah led coalition government is so weak that it could be toppled by mere amount of Rs 1.19 crores,” he said.

While stressing the need of adopting a firm stand against the ‘utterances’ of retired army chief, Beg said that it is the only way to correct the image of the ministers.

“In case, we remain unmoved over the issue,” he said, “Then I don’t think I can face public in election.”


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