Beig appeasing his RSS masters to get union ministry: Malik

KL Report


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Sunday said that Muzaffar Beig is issuing statements about WPRs to appease his RSS masters and get union ministry.

Malik was addressing people at Buqa Aaliyah Gousia Sarai Bala Srinagar. “Our peers, saints, spiritual leaders showed us the way of wisdom, tolerance, struggle and steadfastness. We have forgotten the teachings of these spiritual leaders and because of this ignorance we are today suffering in our daily lives,” he said.

Terming statement of Beig as a glaring example of his Kashmir enmity, Malik said, “Today Beig is telling us to find a middle path for WPRs. He is the person who during his last tenure made conspiracies and amended the law pertaining to Kashmiri women who marry outside and thus weakened the state subject law. Today his humanity has awakened from deep slumber for West Pakistan refugees and he is advising us to consider giving them citizenship of Jammu Kashmir in the name of humanity.”

“We also feel bad about the plight of these refugees and advice Mr Baigh to ask his master in Delhi to immediately settle them in Indian states like Punjab, UP, Haryana etc so that in his words these people find some hope,” he said.

Terming Beig’s assertions about America as ‘absurd and funny’, the JKLF chairman said, “Lust of power has taken away wisdom from this man and to please his RSS masters he is talking nonsense. Doesn’t he know that America is a country of immigrants? What is common between 9/11 and settlement of these WRPs and how is this example relevant in case of a region whose ecology is at stake.”

On Baig’s referring to Quran and Sunnah, Malik said, “According to this law India should have left Jammu Kashmir long ago and also thousands massacred by chauvinists in Jammu and forcefully driven out of their houses should have been provided justice long before. But the fact of the matter is that Indian rulers even rejected the resolution of Jammu Kashmir assembly in their regard and Beig like people have criminally kept silence on this and their humanity and legal wisdom has not awakened for the rights of those oppressed people.”

Ridiculing the statement of Beig about crying for Burmese Muslims, he said, “How is weeping for some brutalized humans illogical. Is anybody feeling bad for some oppressed people asking for settling them in his country or land? Actually these kind of foolish examples by Muzafar Beig show the decaying of his wisdom, his enmity with Kashmiris, and going down to any limits for lust of power.”

The JKLF chairman said that Jammu Kashmir is a place full of natural resources, forests and water bodies and its ecology cannot be endangered by changing the proportion of its population. “Same laws are enacted in Indian hilly sates like Himachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Andaman and Nicobar etc and we challenge Beig to ask Indian government to settle these refugees in these states,” he said.

“To get power and ministry in central government Beig actually has wore RSS shorts (NIKKAR) and as in past he has started working on anti-Kashmir agenda,” he alleged.

Malik warned Beig that his “ill intentions” will not be allowed to succeed and people of Jammu Kashmir will defend the special status and Muslim majority character of Jammu Kashmir at every cost.


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