Beigh Experienced Turncoat, PDP Leadership Frustrated: NC

KL Desk


National Conference (NC) Tuesday lambasted the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), calling their statement “Improper, ridiculous and disrespectful”.

“Defeat and rejection has made them act in a frenzied manner and now they are proving disconnected and panicky and making profane statements” NC spokesman Tanvir Sadiq said in a statement.

Terming former deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Beigh’s rant as a sign of an ending political career, Sadiq said nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and meticulous stupidity and his this statement proves that he is headless.

“An experienced turn coat trying to be more loyal than the king, an architect of the Amaranth Land row is so desperate since he lost the luxuries & lavishness of power that if he or PDP get an opportunity to share power they would not hesitate to even go with VHP or RSS” said Sadiq.

“They have communalized the politics of Kashmir, their hands are still covered with blood of innocent people, their own leaders have been praising a communal person like Modi and have the audacity to talk about the welfare of the people” said Sadiq

“He has insulted Kashmiriyat which teaches us to respect and revere every religion but by using religion to make an outrageous statement is not only disrespectful and sacrilegious but aimed at hurting religious sentiments and divide people” said Sadiq, “this is unacceptable and we demand an immediate apology from him” he added

Lashing at the PDP, the NC Spokesman said “PDP was an accomplice in creating a situation that has resulted in tens of thousands of graves, thousands maimed young and old, PDP has to answer more questions than they can perhaps answer. It has no political ideology and are just power hungry” he added

“They are responsible for taking the state to anarchy by burning Kashmir in 2008 and 2010” said Sadiq.

Terming Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Sheikh Nazir & Dr. Mustafa Kamal as the flag bearers of a proud and great legacy, the NC spokesman said “The National Conference is not a party, it is a movement whose nature and genesis harks back to a very important era of Kashmiri history. This party is indelibly stamped on the hearts of the people of the state and has organic connections with the people and society of the state” “The future of the people of the state is safe only with NC and not with a party whose existence is the brainchild of communal forces” said Sadiq.


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