Malik Condemns Quetta Killings

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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman, Mohammad Yasin Malik has strongly condemned the brutal killing of Muslims in Quetta Pakistan and at other places of the world.

Terming these kinds of acts as barbaric, Yasin malik said that these kinds of acts have nothing to do with Islam and the sayings of Prophet of Islam (PBUH).

In a statement to media, Malik said that our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) termed Muslims as one body and soul and said that if any part of the body is ill, the whole body shall feel the agony and pain.

“In his(PBUH) last famous address (jumatul vida) ,Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that everyone who utters Kalima La illaha- ilallah Muhammad Rasool ul Allah (SAW) , his life ,his respect, dignity and wealth should be taken as sacred as the dignity of Q’aaba or more than that now Muslims are killing Muslims and that too in the name of Islam. How can one think of such heinous crimes in the name of Islam, as Islam and Prophet of Islam (PBUH) has even strongly stopped us from killing any human who is a non combatant. Islam is the religion of peace and Muslims are brothers, so anybody who is killing Muslims cannot be termed but as criminals and killers”, the statement reads.

Malik said that the phenomenon of killing in the name of Maslakh (sects) is a part of international conspiracy intended at dividing Muslims. He said that it is moral and religious obligation of ummah, Ulema and people who matter among Muslim Ummah to work for removing divisions among muslims.

Meanwhile Malik expressed his heartfelt condolences on the demise of  Mohammad Abbas Shareef in Lahore. The deceased was the brother of ex Pakistani premier Jinab Mohammad Nawaz Shareef.


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