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Pitching for Geelani’s freedom, National Conference senior leader and Member Parliament Dr Mehboob Beigh Friday said that state government must provide space to separatist leaders as in a democratic set up every one has right to put forth his views freely. He however maintained that Geelani’s protest calendars are disturbing which brings everything to standstill.

“I have great regard for Syed Ali Geelani and I personally feel that he should be let free and be allowed to propagate his ideology. But I wish he avoids protest mantra and play a role in the peace and development of the state,” Beigh told a local news agency, CNS adding that government take steps in the interest of people.

Dr Beigh admitted that boycott calls deprive people from the right to select best possible candidates. “Credible and popular people get elected when people participate in polls in large numbers. Once the participation is dismal, such people get elected which have no base and credibility and ultimately as a result people suffer,” he said adding that elections have no bearing on the Kashmir issue.

He refuted that boycott helps National Conference in any way. “Those who are committed towards party cast their votes. You can’t stop anyone. Despite boycott calls committed voters come out and vote for the National Conference,” he said.


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