Beware of fake news groups, spreading rumours

SRINAGAR: On late Thursday afternoon some whatsapp groups circulated “news” that search operation have started in Trenz village of Shopian district.

Unfortunately, the news was attributed to Kashmir Life.

Interestingly, Kashmir Life never reported or posted such news and denies the reports wherein it has been claimed that Kashmir Life has confirmed the search operation after confirming it from a police official.

It seems that a few elements are attempting to misuse media and spread rumours.

Kashmir Life condemns this rumor-mongering and insists immediate public apology from these groups to the public or they will be subjected to legal course of action by the Kashmir Life management.

Besides, the names of the groups and of those people who are in these groups will be made public.

Moreover, let our readers stay informed that Kashmir Life is not running any whatsapp “news group”. If anyone is misusing the name of Kashmir Life by creating whatsapp groups, please bring it into our notice immediately so that legal action is initiated against them.



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