BGSBU Mess: Resume Classwork but Punish Corrupt, demand Students



Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University: A View Of The Campus
Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University: A View Of The Campus

Kashmir Life has been receiving scores of e-mails and phone calls from the students of Pir Panjal based Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University which is closed for twenty days now after a scam surfaced and students demanded punishment to accused. Though, investigation is on and nothing concrete has come to fore yet, students were asked to pack and leave varsity campus till further orders. The below ‘open letter’ was received from a BGSBU student which Kashmir Life is producing verbatim for the interest of readers

Now it has been more than 20 days since BGSBU was closed. It appears that university administration is least concerned about future of thousands of students. They simply want to save one corrupt official. But we won’t let them do so.

Where is the consensus of civil society and politicians? Honorable education minister had said that they have sent the accused official on forced leave. But where is the order of forced leave?  Was that just a lie?

We simply want that order. We simply want what they had promised. Where are those who say that they are against corruption and want to revolutionize education? Somebody tell them that a university has been closed for more than 20 days just to save one corrupt official. We simply want the order of forced leave of the accused official (which according to the honorable education minister has already been sent on forced leave), audit of university accounts CD-2, SOD-1, SB-287 and reopening of our university.

It all started on 10th of August when some of the students tried to raise their voices against the scholarship scam and various other scams that have surfaced in the university. The one name that was common to all these scams was of Registrar of the University, Mohammad Rasheed Chaudhary. Well his appointment was in itself a scam, as he was not eligible for the post that he has been holding for past 8 years. Even though the tenure of Registrar is only for 2 years, he has been holding that post for last 8 years. Only God knows how such an under qualified person is allowed to hold his chair even after his tenure has expired.

Well soon the effort of these students became mass movement in the university but to no avail. Instead of paying heed to their demands the students were given death threats. But still the students were determined to the cause of making their university corruption free. Their struggle continued for 15 days and finally in presence of SSP Rajouri the agreement was reached and students called off their agitation.

According to the agreement, Registrar was to be attached and sent on forced leave till the completion of investigation. But very next day students found out that they have been betrayed as the accused official was still in his office and that left them with no other option but to resume their agitation. But this time university administration responded with evil tactics. They used thugs to bully the students, closed the university and forced the students to leave their hostels. Since then the university has been closed and nothing has been done to accused officials.

Meanwhile a team of CID has raided the homes of some of the students who had raised their voices against the various financial scams going in the university.

Through the newspapers we came to know about the statement of honorable education minister that the accused official was sent on forced leave. But the order of forced leave was nowhere to be found. We simply are demanding that order. We also want complete audit of university accounts especially CD-2, SOD-1, SB-287.

By Shimoun (Name Changed)

Student of BGSBU

(The view are of the author and does not reflect the editorial policy of Kashmir Life.)


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