Bihar Verdict a Wake-Up Call for PDP: NC



National Conference on Sunday congratulated the people of Bihar and the JD(U)-RJD-Congress Grand Alliance for the Bihar Assembly Election results.

NC Spokesperson said, “the Bihar verdict should be an eye-opener for communal voices that have left no stone unturned to polarize and vitiate the political atmosphere in the country for their petty, partisan gains and within J&K it should serve as a timely wake-up call for PDP and Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.”

In a party statement, the spokesperson said, “this is a loud and clear verdict against divisiveness and religion-based politics and also a spectacular expression of disapproval and resentment directly against the Prime Minister for his tragic silence at the patronized, protected assault of intolerance in the country under his rule. The people of Bihar have come on record to reiterate and reassert the secular principles of our Constitution and have defeated the march of authoritarianism. The desperate flattery of the RSS and BJP by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed looks more conspicuous by its misrepresentation and misinformation today,”

“The bogey of BJP and RSS even remotely having a developmental agenda has been exposed as a smokescreen that was used to attain political power. All promises of development and good governance have been overshadowed by radical voices and slogans that have created an atmosphere of uncertainty and anxiety in the entire country – including Jammu and Kashmir. Recent unfortunate developments, be it the tragic lynching in Dadri or the murder of a Kashmiri truck driver in Udhampur have brought into focus the ruling dispensation’s deliberate, tactical silence on such communal incidents. The idea of India is one of pluralism, secularism and democracy – not of authoritarianism or theocracy and the people of Bihar have endorsed those values at a very crucial time. One is saddened at the continued refusal of the PDP to see what the entire country is finding common-cause in,” the NC Spokesperson further stated.

The NC Spokesperson lashed out at PDP Patron and Chief Minister of J&K, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for “his unending praise of the RSS and BJP”. “While secular forces and people across the country are united in the common cause of defeating communal forces and expressing their resentment at what is happening, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has been apparently employed with the task of being an RSS apologist who is issuing one irrelevant certificate of morality after another to the Prime Minister and the RSS – all in lieu of promises of his own political empowerment and that of his daughter and the PDP President. Mufti Sayeed’s praise of the Prime Minister is not representative of the overwhelming sense of disappointment in the State and the resentment of the people against the wave of brazen, communal polarization – and today it has become evident that his praise is clearly not in sync with reality either,” NC Spokesperson added.

“Mufti Sahab should look at the Bihar results and stop embarrassing the people of J&K for purely personal political ambition of himself and his daughter. Even his own Members of Parliament stand in public opposition to his appeasement of the RSS. We hope Mufti Sahab – for the sake of the dignity of our people – stops issuing moral certificates to the RSS and BJP for his own self-seeking ambitions. PDP’s sell-out to the RSS has been brought into prominent focus yet again by the Bihar election results today – discrediting PDP’s half-baked argument that aligning with BJP is allegedly the only route to development and inclusive growth. Earlier it was the election result in Delhi that belied Mufti Sayeed’s logic and now PDP’s surrender has been put under the spotlight all over again with Bihar’s rejection of the Prime Minister and his party,” the NC Spokesperson added.

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