Bilal colony Islamabad reeling under darkness

Saqib Mir 


Residents of Bilal Colony in Islamabad’s Iqbalabad complained to Kashmir Life on the precarious state of their electricity inputs. The residents accused PDD of providing insufficient feeder capacity.

According to a delegation of residents who met Kashmir Life, the colony’s transformer has not been upgraded from the past 5 years. Despite having a declared aggregate load agreement of 120 KV, the colony has been provided with only 100 KV transformer. This, according to the residents, leads to regular overload on the transformer that eventually damages it.

“From the past eight years, we have not seen any upgrade in either transmission or transformer capacity in this colony. Even our light bulbs don’t work properly, let alone home appliances,” Mohammad Amir, a resident told us.

The students living in the colony are also facing massive hardships in the absence of electricity. According to Mohammad Umar, a student, the colony’s transformer got damaged two times in the past week and is still in the PDD workshop for repair. “Rather than repairing it every month, the PDD should install an upgraded transformer in the colony that meets the capacity needs,” Umar told us.

When Kashmir Life contacted Executive Engineer of the PDD Islamabad, Mohd Khalil Ahanger, he, while quoting from official documents, reiterated that the colony’s aggregate load agreement while being 120 KV has been provided with a 100 KV transformer. However, Ahanger added that the colony’s transformer can only be upgraded by the concerned MLA’s orders.


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